David J. File - Design Engineer

Qualifications: Skilled in conceptual design with broad career exposure including proposal, project and prototype development. Desire to use design skills and experience to develop, integrate and produce prototype components and systems.

Experience: 16 years

Education: BS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas, 1985

Relevant Experience:

Deputy Task Lead - Responsible for development approach and evaluation of crew escape system technologies for Space Launch Initiative (SLI) proposal. Coordinated task planning and developed proposal content.   2000-2001
Configuration Designer - Vehicle designs and paper presentation for Martian atmospheric flight aircraft (AIAA-2000-5280).   2000
Performed conceptual layout and analysis of Space Solar Power (SSP) satellite configurations.   1998-1999
Accomplished design, fabrication and low-speed windtunnel testing of Liquid Flyback Booster (LFBB).   1996
Produced preliminary layout of propulsion and propellant feed systems for reusable booster, X34. Designed X34 deployed upper stage including preliminary cost assessment.   1994
Conceptual design of a wide range of aircraft and spacecraft, both manned and unmanned: SSTO launchers, X30-derived configurations, flyback booster and TSTO concepts, wave-riders, high-mach cruise vehicles, UAV's, Refly and hypervelocity weapons.   1989-1993
Accomplished highly integrated design tasks involving multidisciplinary teams on National Aerospace Plane. Responsibilities included flowpath integration of scramjet and development of alternative vehicle concepts.   1990-1993
Systems Integration - Integrated mission-unique satellite servicing systems and space vehicle structure for DARPA/Orbital Express operational and demonstration satellites.   2001
Integrated avionics and mechanical components into X-33 configurations. Worked with system leads to address integration constraints and requirements.   1994-1995
Design Engineer - Design of composite leading edge for MAGLEV Holloman high speed test vehicle.   2000
Design concepts for Mars Sample Return (MSR) ascent stages.   1999
Layout and installation of pneumatic control system and electronics cabinetry for propulsion systems integration technology testbed.   1998
Design, fabrication and validation of lightweight inflatable space structures (JPL/SBIR contracts).   1997-1998
Design of retractable nose gear for Prowler UAV and documentation of Predator UAV and bill of materials for Gnat UAV airframe assemblies.   1996-1997
Performed diverse and varied tasks in prototyping an unmanned air vehicle (UAV). Designed and produced mockup and captive airframe for Lincoln Laboratories (MIT). Worked with composite shop, three-member team on airframe construction and assembly. Assisted lofting and construction of wind tunnel models and tooling masters by providing the shop floor with drawings, tool paths and templates for tooling, layup and machining.   1985-1988
Test Engineer - Designed and validated airframe components and materials: forward fuselage, landing gear, wing, and wet-layup and prepreg laminates.   1985-1988


The Boeing Company, Downey, CA 1998 - Present
L'Garde, Inc., Irvine, CA 1997 - 1998
Aeronautical Systems, Inc., Adelanto, CA 1996 - 1997
Rockwell International, CA 1988 - 1996
Leading Systems, Inc., Irvine, CA 1985 - 1988